The Haddon Library

[The Canonical
The Canonical Stack—book sculpture by
Christopher Evans and Issam Kourbaj (photograph, David Webb). The sculpture was an arrangement of books, mainly from the Haddon Library, and was photographed in situ there on 8 March 2008. All the books are now back in their normal use.

The Haddon Library serves the staff, research students and undergraduates of the University, together with members of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society. Staff and students of other Universities are welcome to read here, on production of evidence of academic bona fides. Other visitors should enquire in advance.

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Vacation borrowing started Friday 16 June, and will let you keep the borrowed items till Friday 6 October.

The Haddon Library will remain open during the building’s summer rewiring operations (19 June – 3 August).

Its opening hours will be:

Monday to Thursday, 09:00-13:00, 14:00-17:00
Friday, 09:15-13:00, 14:00-17:00
Closed at weekends

Entry to the library will be via the glass panel on the first-floor landing. The lobby office will be closed except to the electricians (so there’ll be no entry from the North Lecture Room Corridor; also, regrettably, the stair-lift will be out of action). The usual lobby-office operations — loans etc. — will be set up in the main reading room.

The McBurney Room won’t be available for studying in, but you’ll be able to browse the shelves and borrow.

End-of-year recall and £10 charge for late books

The end-of-year recall of Haddon Library loans will happen this year on Thursday 15 June.

We’d like all your borrowed books &c back, please, by close of business (17:15) on that day.

For books that miss that deadline there’s not just the usual fine, but also a £10 surcharge for each borrower. That’s £10 per borrower not £10 per book. People sometimes ask.

After that comes vacation borrowing, which starts on Friday 16 June and will let you keep the borrowed items till Friday 6 October.

After that comes the switch to vacation hours: Mon-Thurs 09:00-17:00, Fri 09:15-1700, closed at weekends.

And we mentioned the £10 surcharge in the header, and we’re mentioning it again now at the end, so please don’t say the information is buried!