The Haddon Library

Self-service photography



Readers may use their own cameras to take still photographs of material in the Haddon Library. Photographs may be taken for non-commercial research or private study only.


How to obtain permission to take your own photographs


If you wish to take your own photographs within any of these Rooms, please talk to staff on the desk. You must ask staff at the desk to assess the condition of all items and their suitability for self-service photography. You may be asked to sit at a particular desk while you are taking photographs. There is no charge for self-service photography.


The safety and preservation of our collections are of paramount importance. Some materials may be unsuitable for copying because of their format or fragility.


All requests for self-service photography are at the discretion of Library staff, who have the right to refuse permission for any item.


Procedures for taking your own photographs


  • Cameras and camera phones must be hand-held, and must be capable of being set to ‘silent’.

SLRs, tripods and ‘mini-pods’ are not permitted.

  • Flash photography is not permitted; hand-held scanners are not permitted for conservation reasons.
  • If your camera or camera phone has a strap, place it around your neck or wrist, to lessen the risk of dropping the camera. Ensure that the strap is not draped across the book, manuscript or document. Please do not stand on tables or chairs to take photographs.
  • Single-sheet material and unbound items must be placed flat on the table and not held up in the air. Loose materials for photography should be taken from folders one item at a time.
  • Hold the camera in both hands while taking photographs. Do not force bound volumes open, fold pages or remove any fasteners to achieve a better image. Staff will be happy to advise you on handling Library materials.
  • Please respect other Library users. Turn off all sounds on your camera or camera phone, and keep noise to a minimum. Staff may ask you to stop taking photographs if they think you are disturbing other readers.


Copyright and other restrictions


Please note that copyright law applies to the copying of any document or work in the Haddon Library’s collections. It is your responsibility to ensure that copyright is not infringed. Copyright notices are displayed prominently near the photocopiers under the West Balcony. You should obtain legal advice as necessary on what is permitted. Please note also that some collections are subject to other restrictions and may not be photographed; staff will provide guidance on this.


The Haddon Library will not grant permission for you to publish or otherwise distribute or circulate images of works in its collections taken or copied by you. You may order a high-resolution image from the Library for reproduction in a publication, on the internet, for broadcasting, for exhibition or other commercial purpose or use. Depending on the nature and extent of your intended reproduction of a document or other work or part thereof, in addition to obtaining the Library’s permission to reproduce the Library-provided image, you may also be required to secure permission from the copyright owner of the work. Contact the Haddon Librarian: 01223 333506, email .


Imaging Services at the University Library


Cambridge University Library, on West Road, offers a wide range of professional imaging services, providing high-quality images. For further information on these services, please see the Imaging Services website at, or contact Imaging Services on 01223 333107, email


We reserve the right to change this policy at short notice.  Staff at the Haddon Library, and at the UL’s Imaging Services, are not able to advise on the use of your equipment.


Aidan Baker

September 2012


(adapted from the policy in force at Cambridge University Library)