The Haddon Library


The spreadsheet accessible from the link at the bottom of the page lists all theses which the Haddon Library holds.

These items are held in a locked room but you may request any item at the issue desk and can read it in the library.

You may not copy any part of any of these items without completing an Unpublished Material Copyright Declaration.

Points to note:

  • The spreadsheet lists all theses held by subject, award, date, author & title.
  • It can be queried using the AutoFilter on any or all of the column headings.
  • Some of the theses were not submitted for a University of Cambridge degree.
  • There are still a number of TBC items, where the correct data has not been available.
  • Diacritics have been removed from author & title columns in order to facilitate search.
  • Spelling has been standardised in author & title columns as far as possible in order to facilitate search.
  • The spreadsheet is formatted for printing at ONE page wide but it is OVER EIGHTY pages long.
  • You are advised to perform a query using the search term(s) you require and then print the result.
  • The Row Numbers are dynamic, (i.e. floating), and so they should not be used to request theses.
  • The spreadsheet will be updated at regular intervals to take account of new deposits of theses.
  • A number of the theses listed on the spreadsheet are not yet catalogued online.
  • Assyriology & Egyptology theses, including those acquired from the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Library in the summer of 2012, appear in the list with Subject as “Arch.” (i.e. Archaeology).
  • Red indicates copy of an undergraduate Archaeology dissertation kept for demonstration purposes
  • Please report any errors or omissions, including variance from the above points, to Haddon Library staff on haddon-library [at]
  • Click to access the Website Theses List — but make sure you’ve read these notes first!