The Haddon Library

The end-of-year recall of Haddon Library loans will happen this year on Thursday 15 June.

We’d like all your borrowed books &c back, please, by close of business (17:15) on that day.

For books that miss that deadline there’s not just the usual fine, but also a £10 surcharge for each borrower. That’s £10 per borrower not £10 per book. People sometimes ask.

After that comes vacation borrowing, which starts on Friday 16 June and will let you keep the borrowed items till Friday 6 October.

After that comes the switch to vacation hours: Mon-Thurs 09:00-17:00, Fri 09:15-1700, closed at weekends.

And we mentioned the £10 surcharge in the header, and we’re mentioning it again now at the end, so please don’t say the information is buried!