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Additional services

Additional services


In term-time, you can use Newton to place recall or reservation requests online. During the vacation, or if Newton is out of action, you can place such requests by phone or email to haddon-library [at] .


The Mond building, on the New Museums Site, is where a lot of our journals are now stored.  If the online catalogue tells you that a Haddon journal is in “MOND Bay –” that means the journal is over there, and locked away.

We fetch things from the Mond every day at 10:00 and 15:00.  Ask at the issue desk.

If you need more than we can bring over in one go — e.g. if you want to browse the whole run of a journal — we can take you over there, and take you to where the journal is.  We’re doing this on Friday mornings, 10:00-13:00, and we’d like you to book in advance, please!


Readers seeking concessions — early loans, fines waivers, &c. — should expect to be dealt with on a basis of fairness and consistency. The underlying rule is, No unusual treatment except in unusual cases.


These are loans of books, journals, theses, and other documents that are not available in Cambridge. Your first port of call, when asking for inter-library loans, would normally be the University Library. However, if you submit requests to us for inter-library loans, we will do our best to obtain the material you need. We charge

  • £17.58 for books lent from another library
  • £13.08 for photocopies
  • £12.00 for e-delivery of printed articles
  • £6.00 for e-delivery of articles born digital


We try to make the Haddon as reader-friendly as we can. However, in a building dated 1900, with Grade II Listed status, that is often a challenge! If you have special needs that call for special arrangements, please contact the Library staff on haddon-library [at] .

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A print-on-paper version of any webpage is available on request from the library office.