The Haddon Library

Rules of the Library

1. Borrowing

Borrowing from the Haddon requires the use of a current UL or Cambridge University card. Library staff may issue a temporary card if a UL or Cambridge University card is not available.

Confirmation of the borrower’s name and address will be required.

The six categories of borrower are these:




Undergraduate Cambridge undergraduate students Other universities’ undergraduate students; other non-graduates
Research Cambridge postgraduate students; Cambridge graduates Other universities’ postgraduate students; CAS members
Staff Cambridge staff Other universities’ staff

If a borrower fits more than one category, they should be assigned to a category that best fits their primary role (e.g. an established Cambridge lecturer who was pursuing a Madingley course would be accounted as Cambridge staff; an undergraduate doing occasional library invigilations would be accounted as an undergraduate).  If no decision can be made on that basis, then the borrower should be assigned to the fitting category that carries the highest entitlements.

Numbers of books borrowable in term-time by patrons in the Cambridge categories are as follows:

Staff Graduate students Undergraduates
Open Shelf 10 books for 4 weeks 8 books for 2 weeks 6 books for 1 week
Restricted Access 10 books for a week 8 books overnight (till close of business on day following loan) 6 books overnight (till close of business on day following loan)

Numbers of books borrowable in term-time by patrons in the Visiting categories are half of the above entitlements.

Numbers of books borrowable in vacation-time are as above, but the loan period for open-shelf material is the length of the vacation.

Readers may renew their open-shelf books online up to four times. Overdue loans may not be renewed. Note that renewal must be done by 17:00 on the due date but that the latest return time is closing-time on the date for return.

Books and other materials that are on loan from the Haddon are the responsibility of the borrower until they have been checked back into the library. They should not be lent by the current borrower to anyone else.

[NOTE.  If you are unable, for whatever reason, to return a book by the due date, email haddon-library [at] or ring +44 (0)1223 339374 and discuss it with library staff.]

2. Penalties

Fines are charged for late return of items on loan. The rate is 50p/day, to a ceiling of £10 per item. No category of borrower is exempt from fines (Library Committee, 13 October 2010, minute 8.1).

While a loan remains overdue or a fine remains unpaid, we will refuse to issue further loans to the reader concerned.

Readers who lose or damage Library books will be required to pay the cost of replacing them, as ascertained by Library staff, plus a processing fee of £5.

Fines may be paid online.

3.  Special categories of material

Restricted Access. This term refers to the heavily-used material behind the issue desk. They may be borrowed at any time.

Staff and others with teaching responsibilities may nominate books for transfer to Restricted Access using the Restricted Access request form.

Reference. This category of material is recognizable by its yellow labels. It is borrowable on the same terms as material on Restricted Access.

Periodicals. These are for use in the Library only.

Pamphlets. These are kept in locked filing cabinets, and may be fetched on request, which may be made at the issue desk. Note that pamphlets are for use in the Library only, and should be returned to the issue desk afterwards.

Locked areas. This term covers the following parts of the Library:

* East and West Balconies
* Locked Rooms
* Rare Books Room
* Mezzanine Corridor
* Mezzanine Office
* CAS Room

Those areas should be entered only by members of Library staff, or others accompanied by members of Library staff. Material kept there may be fetched on request, which may be made at the issue desk. Note that such material is for use in the Library only, and should be returned to the issue desk afterwards.

Theses will not ordinarily be allowed out of the library. Loans of the other special categories of material may be made to members of Cambridge University staff, and will, unless conservation matters render this inadvisable, be on the following terms:

* The borrower may remove the issued item from the Library at any time.

* The borrower should return the issued item to the Library within one calendar week.

Loans of these special categories of material may be made to the Museum, in connection with exhibitions.

4.  Prohibitions

The following activities are prohibited in the Library

* Eating
* Drinking (other than plain water in transparent closable bottles)
* Smoking
* Conversations by mobile phone
* Recreational use of computer terminals, where this prevents their use for catalogue searches and other academic-related purposes

Please note that some patrons are allowed to eat & drink at the discretion of the librarian.

For the benefit of everybody, library patrons are requested to set all electronic devices to silent mode and keep all other noise to a minimum.

We reserve the right to suspend borrowers for clocking up a record of transgressions, even if no single offence is specified above.

Aidan Baker

30 September 2017